Finance for Doctors wants to kickstart a financial awakening amongst Australian junior doctors!

Improving your financial health will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, with a reduction in stress and a myriad of opportunities and choices that come from being more financially independent.

Too many of my colleagues

– Salary package a fraction of what they could
– Pay too much tax
– Pay too much (or even worse, too little) for poor quality and conflicted financial advice
– Invest poorly, not at all, or pay high fees
– Don’t understand their superannuation
– Are not properly insured
– Are missing out on the freebies available through credit cards
– Have bought large depreciating assets that cost them too much money to run (aka fancy cars)

Some of the opportunities that come from becoming more financially independent

– Living the good life – travel, food, wine and everything else that makes life fun
– The opportunity to work part-time or not at all, at a time of your choosing
– Freedom from day to day financial stress

Now the intent of focussing on junior doctors is not to exclude Consultants and GPs. It instead is reflecting that often these more senior practitioners have already made and learnt from a few early financial mistakes and are now able to afford professional advice.

Hopefully this website will assist you to avoid making those same mistakes and encourage you to get professional advice early when needed.